Integration of all business functions is indispensable when success is the goal. All seven components of the organization shall be considered. Vision defines Strategy. Strategy determines Structure and Decision Support Systems that are required to make the organization function. The Reward Systems must reinforce what the organization is trying to accomplish strategically and the Human Resource Systems must select, recruit and develop the personnel the organization needs to accomplish its objectives. Corporate Culture must reinforce all seven components.
Venture will provide you with a holistic view of your organization and will device a solution that will ascend your company to the next level.


Our Consulting Services

We understand our region! Consulting in different cultures is a huge challenge faced by the majority of consulting firms. We have developed through the years a solid understanding of our regions business environment. Expertise in a business area is worthless without understanding the overall culture of the business. Tools developed take the business culture seriously and builds systems that suits the ever changing environment within the region.


Main Consulting Services

Venture provides in-depth consulting services in four main areas including:

The methods, tools and techniques we use during our training courses are designed so that participants come to appreciate and develop their own knowledge and skills. We make training meaningful and applicable to their areas of work by using problem-oriented instruction such as case studies, simulations, role-plays and debates.

Consulting Engagement Model

Venture does not believe in ready made solutions! Each entity has its own circumstances, culture, resources etc…. This is why we follow the four-phase engagement model. It is a unique model, through which we are able to pin-point problematic areas and improvement opportunities and, hence, device the right solution that is made specifically for you.

Phase One - Initial Consultation: professionally diagnosing issues and problems is a key to solve it. We work with the client hand by hand to clearly analyze the current situation and pin-point gaps that needs to be resolved. High level action plan will be drawn enabling consulting team to craft a solid proposal that takes into consideration the real needs of the client.

Phase Two - Project Proposal: to implement a consulting project, you have to specify your objectives well and state how you are going to reach your goals. Venture understands the importance of the proposal as a key document for the consulting project. Our consultants are well trained on proposal crafting and understand that it should reflect clearly the issues of the client and set the solution plan. Predicted outcomes will be listed and Venture consulting engagement will be detailed.

Phase Three -  Support Programs: Venture will dig into important details drawing a clear view of the current situation and the desired destination. Thanks to its long regional experience, Venture has developed its own tools and techniques to support local business. A strategic plan will be put for the project in hand. The project will identify in details the gaps that need to be bridged and an execution plan will be developed to ensure that all gaps have been filled. Progress assessment will be done periodically to measure project progression and deviation from plan, if found.

Phase Four - Support Program: The final phase is dedicated to ensure sustainability of the outcomes of the project. Knowing that people are a main contributor to solution sustainability, employees will be trained on new practices to ensure that all follow the new set practices. Periodic follow-up and reviews will be a part of the support system to ensure new outcomes are being practiced by concerned departments.

initial consultation

project proposal

 project execution

 support program


Change Management

Venture understands the sensitivity that surrounds consulting projects and knows that adopting new systems, practices, solutions etc…requires the support of the whole company. Change management works in parallel with all mentioned phases taking into consideration concerns of different stakeholders and ensuring buy-in from them. This practice ensures smooth progress of the consulting project especially during the execution phase.

Venture Training

Our Training Services


“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.” – Jim Collins (2001). Good to Great Having the right people to draft strategies and execute action plans is a no brainer. Strategy and Human Resources Development are two inseparable parts in the formula of success. Research proves that extensive, systematic training is a hallmark of highly successful companies, and this is what Venture offers. In addition to our range of standard training modules, we have developed our very own training need analysis model, the INVESTIGATE™ model. Through this model we are able to analyze your training needs and identify the new knowledge, skills and attitudes which people require to meet their own and your organization’s development needs, and as a consequence, develop the right training program that will yield results, GUARANTEED!

With your training needs analyzed and identified, Venture can offer an extensive range of programs, customized to your requirements and expectations, and addressing different needs of executive, middle management, front line supervisors and professional staff.

Only experienced professionals present for Venture, which means your company’s unique issues can be addressed with “consultative training” approach, offering the perfect combination of latest theories and real life application. Venture trainers have hands on experience in their fields of expertise. With our ToT internal program, we ensure that all trainers have the skills needed not only to transfer the information and its practical applications, but the characteristics to motivate participants to unleash their full potential. Training with Venture is an experience not just training!


Adult Learning Methodology

Adults possess all the potentials and resources required in their personal and professional development, and our job is to help them discover their talents and capabilities hidden inside. Once they have the awareness of their abilities, they will have much better confidence in finding a way to overcome the issue. To ensure the training methodology we use aids deeper processing of the content explored, we deliver out training using participatory and interactive approaches which are grounded in adult-learning methodology.



  • TELL the learner about each step or part of the task.
  • SHOW the learner how to do each step or part of the task.
  • Have the learner DO each step of the task while being observed by the trainer
  • REFLECT on each step or part of the task with the learner, offering encouragement, constructive criticism and additional pointers on how to do the job.

The methods, tools and techniques we use during our training courses are designed so that participants come to appreciate and develop their own knowledge and skills. We make training meaningful and applicable to their areas of work by using problem-oriented instruction such as case studies, simulations, role-plays and debates.

Venture Services

"Our team of consultants is highly aware of the regions culture, which is a key factor for successful consulting project..."


Why Choose Venture?

From its establishment date, Venture preliminary focus was quality. We examine new projects to identify where we can add real solid value before moving into the proposal stage. During execution, we track performance to ensure delivering upon the promised value.

That is why, Venture has a very high retention customer rates. You would love to choose Venture as your success partner simply because:


In Training

  • Customized courses based on audience analysis: a careful understanding of training attendees and an analysis of their specific needs is essential for training programs. Venture follows a thorough “Investigate” model that helps expert define clear objectives. The analysis is a corner-stone for curriculum customization. Following “Investigate” model, you can rest sure that your training ROI is optimum.
  • World-class trainers thanks to Venture internal Train of Trainer program (ToT): Having a solid knowledge about a subject does not make him an outstanding trainer. Venture International knows how to build unique training delivery qualities. We have our very own train of trainer ToT program that ensures each trainer is equipped with the latest techniques of managing courses and workshops. Training includes material development, course planning, delivery techniques, engaging attendees, evaluating attendees and dealing with different situations. Our pool of trainers are top rated regionally and the results of their delivery is guaranteed!
  • International accreditation and recognition of all training programs: Thanks to Venture International associations and partners, we are able to provide high quality material that will benefit your business instantly and an accredited training that will definitely add to your CV.
  • Use of experiential activities training methods: According to latest studies on adult learning, adults learn best by doing. Engaging attendees in different activities that holds a learning message helps enticing further questions and discussions. It also helps learners to memorize concepts presented. Venture is an MTa Licensed user. MTa's experiential learning and development materials are used by trainers and facilitators in over 100 countries, by 1000s of the world's most demanding organizations. The Philosophy of MTa Learning is straightforward and can be summarized in the below:

    “Experiential learning is an active process which engages the learner, not a passive process that happens to the learner. In ‘experiential learning’ the experience provides the platform for learning, whilst the careful analysis and reflection of the experience develops the learning. Individuals are encouraged to work things out for themselves, they are guided to and through their learning rather than being taught. The learning individuals develop is appropriate for them: it is implicit in the approach that there are no ‘right ways of thinking’, ‘set rules, or ‘perfect behaviors’ that anyone has to learn and apply. The commitment developed by the learner to make best use of their learning: they are central to the learning process, it is their learning.”
  • Immediate post-session ability to implement concepts, tools and techniques discussed during each contact session: in addition to the careful course planning and the use of engaging methods, Venture International trainers knows how to trigger enthusiasm among attendees/employees. This enthusiasm ensures that attendees will have the motive to apply what is learned in their day to day operations.
  • Venture experience in projects around the ME & GCC regions: Venture International takes pride in serving elite clients across the region. Our clientele list includes companies and organizations from different sectors of business


In Consulting

  • Experienced consultants: A team of senior consultants with considerable hands-on experience in the market and extensive consulting experience.
  • An in-depth analysis of the current situation rather than ready-made solutions: we believe in the uniqueness of each client. That is why we carefully analyze different factors surrounding each case. Our framework ensures that all consultants follow certain steps towards having a holistic view of the issue tackled and not go into the trap of assumptions.
  • High engagement with internal project management team: because consulting projects come with change for the client, it is crucial to work closely with team members and stakeholders at large to ensure smooth transition. Our team of consultants highly coordinates with the client’s project management team and work together hand in hand to accomplish the consulting project. The main benefit of this is basically ensuring the right application of the recommendation after the final report delivery. Most consulting project results are not practiced simply because the internal team did not get adequate guidance/training on how to practice those recommendations in reality.
  • A team of visionary consultants: predicting the future is an essential for businesses. Knowing where to head, the factors surrounding the business currently and the challenges ahead is not a fortune telling! It is the experts following up on the latest news, analyzing data and tracking trends. Venture International experts have developed through the years the tools to help businesses predict the future and thus plan accordingly.
  • Consultants with hands-on experience in different industries: our consultants were exposed to a verity of industries and experiences that enriched their hands-on knowledge about the business practices in different business sectors.
  • Experience in the local markets of ME & GCC: We understand our market! To provide a solution for businesses you have to be familiar with the culture. Having an expert who understands the culture and speak the language is of great advantage to consulting projects.