Business Consultancy

a. Business Process Excellence 

Business processes are the essential components compromising your overall company performance. No matter how professional employees are, having the rights processes in place is a key to a world class performance. Whether it is documented or not, processes are a part of your day to day operations. Venture International understands the importance of appropriate processes and the benefits it will bring to your company. Your business strategy is as good as your processes are. It is simple, a clear strategy cannot be implemented on ground without the right foundation. This is where processes comes in. it ensures that operations are running smoothly to enable employees perform in a systematic manner. However, developing high performing processes can be problematic.

This is why Venture International takes a systematic approach when restructuring your business.

Understanding the core business operations, functionalities and the needs of the market is the first step towards structuring clear processes. We observe carefully your needs and the maturity level of your company’s processes.

A project for implementing changes will be carefully studied to ensure a smooth transition so that the company maintains its usual operations during the project. We understand our regions culture, and thus, we pay extra attention to the challenges faced by such changes.

In the execution phase, Venture International team follows-up on the tiniest details involved in the operations of the company.

We evaluate existing processes and look for missing, bottle necks and unneeded processes for a better optimization. Once a full documentation of the different processes has been accomplished, our experts start with the analysis phase where each process will be closely analyzed looking for flaws, bottle necks and improvement areas. A look of the interrelations between different processes will also be examined to ensure that processes are well linked and they serve the overall operations of the company.

Processes will be re-organized again keeping in mind the strategy of the company. The new organization of the processes will serve as the base for the new operations. Work is not over! Having the new processes documented is the start of launching the new system to the stakeholders. Venture International experts will monitor the flow of processes and the interaction of employees and other stakeholders to fine tune the document and ensure that changes are digested and practiced well by employees.

We are proud to have helped many companies optimize their operations and capture the benefits of smooth processes including time and cost savings in addition to the hassle free environment that supports the productivity of your employees.

b. Executive Coaching

Our top consultants are ready to support you or your potential leaders drawing a solid road map that leads to identified performance goals. Working together, the coach will identify areas of development that needs to be addressed. Subjects covered in the coaching process includes:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Leadership style
  • Main goals and KPI's
  • Planning and prioratisation
  • Decision making
  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Time management

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