ISTD - The International Society for Trainers and Developers is a professional worldwide association, created as a result of close cooperation and a merger of its member’s wide experience and knowledge in the business profession. Professionals in the field of training and human resource development have joined efforts with industry experts to establish this society.

It provides Learning Programs guided by international standards that are recognized by academia and industry to be an enhancement for employability, is a common need shared by training organizations and industries across the globe.
ISTD was founded 15 years ago by a group of 50 university professors, with an objective of creating a professional library of training materials/programs to assist businesses.and individuals enhance their business performance.
With the use of Professional Bodies (PB) Standards, and the extensive research on adult education and learning process by a world class pool of experts, ISTD is able to help companies, associations, government agencies, and training providers develop a far more effective framework for continuous improvement and delivery of a superior learning experience. All this is possible with the utilization of ISTD’s Learning Credit (LC).

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