A large distribution company operates in commodities since 2000 and covers nationwide market. The company sells its products within different channels including key accounts, wholesale and retail. The company is a sole agent for main international brands and has operations in multi million dollars.

Although the company had considerable operations, its profitability margins were thin. The company wanted to analyse current status and look for ways to increase profitability.

Venture International executed a consulting project started by field visits and analysing data to have a holistic view of the company operations and how actual sales are made. The project also included monitoring warehouses for any control issues. Routes of distribution were checked to identify whether the company was following the optimum routes. Management internal practices were also monitored. Marketing was also a subject for examination to identify the ROI.

Sales per truck appeared to be the main issue that needs to be tackled. Internal sales team with the support of Venture International experts reorganised sales districts for optimised sales routes. This was accompanied with validating existing data and using sales team as a main source of market data in a systematic way. In coordination with top management, targets were identified more clearly and a simple yet motivating sales commission scheme was introduced to the sales team.

Throughout the project, Venture International experts managed the change within the company and contained the concerns of different stakeholders especially sales management and team at large.

With the new improvements, the company managed to increase its sales across all channels. The increase of 26% with the same resources allowing for a profit increase of 3.2%.

New improvements designed by Venture International were embedded into the system and allowed for better control over sales on the longer run.

A major project, financed by International organization, to develop a complete higher education management information system (HEMIS) for the use in five governmental universities as well as the ministry of higher education. The project included the development of new work processes, software development and customization, implementation, and training.


The client faced difficulties in project and risk management. In addition, the project faced considerable change resistance from various stakeholders due to the multiple aspects it aimed to develop. Finally, contract management issues were accumulating and affecting project performance. All of these factors led to a 6 months delay on the project. Hence, the client required support to their PMU on project and change management in order to make sure the project is completed within constraints.

In order to solve the problems listed above, Venture worked on the following: 

  • Reviewed and revised the complete project management plan that was communicated with all relevant stakeholders
  • Worked on a stakeholders’ management plan that was dependent on Venture experience in similar projects and which was crucial to the management of the project.
  • Built the project risk management approach and the risk matrix and worked with the PMU on developing effective responses to identified risks.
  • Managed and monitored the performance of the contractor to meet the project management plan.
  • Assessed the anticipated impact of the change (HEMIS systems implementation and business process re-engineering) and the key areas/universities affected.
  • Developed a change management plan to address the smooth transition of universities staff and other stakeholders to the HEMIS system and the successful adoption of new business processes.
  • Successfully managed, in cooperation with the PMU, to get the project back on track despite the 6 months’ initial delay. Project deliverables were accepted by the client as per the project plan developed.