Sales Skills Certification Key Features

Expert Instructor-Led Training

Immediate post-session ability to apply concepts

Quizzes & Exam Simulators

Experiential Training Methods

Extensive Training Manual

93% pass rate

About Sales Skills Certification

This course is targeted at professionals who want to develop the essential skills and techniques of sales. Having the attitude of a sales professional does not mean that a person is a good sales professional. Having the skills is crucial for success in sales careers.
The aim of the course is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the consultative selling process. It defines a systematic approach to sales methodology that can be successfully implemented to retain current customers as well as capturing new business.
The course explains also the psychology of the buying cycle and the critical selling behavioral actions that both initiate and sustain the process. The main focus of the course is providing sales professionals with a correct sequencing of selling activities from opportunity definition to the techniques of closing the sale naturally.

Who should attend ?

  • Sales professionals
  • Distribution employees
  • Individuals interested in the subject

Course Expectations

By the end of this course, attendees will:

  • Understand the essentials of selling
  • Comprehend the sales process
  • Get introduced to sales techniques
  • Understand how different clients’ psychologies affect the use of techniques
  • Get tips and tricks to sit for the exam


  • Basic business background

Maintain the certification

No re-certifying is needed. However, certified professionals are encouraged to develop their knowledge about the subject.

Certification Preparation

This course prepares candidates to sit the Sales Skills Global Professional exam.






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Omar Zeeb

"I would like to thank you all Venture team for your endless support. I will never forget this course."